From biting seam to scratch in zipper, the story line of ball tampering

Regarding the fact the way Australia’s team heads conspired the ‘ball tampering’ in Cape Town Test is rather unheard of, but the story of ball tampering has never been rare in the history.

From biting seam to scratch in zipper, the story line of ball tampering


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The one with the mint, 2016

Right after South Africa crushed Australia in Hobart, footage of Faf du Plessis using mints to shine the ball emerged leading du Plessis under the charges of ball tampering.

The three demerit points were all Faf du Plessis, the South African skipper had to endure as he kept his innocence alive all through the hearing.

A pointless Philander case, 2014

South African fast bowler Vernon Philander acknowledged the charges brought against him for ball tampering in the Test match against Sri Lanka in 2014. Philander was seen digging his nails through the rough side of the ball.

He was fined 75 percent of his match fees.

The zipper scratching, 2013

Here is another case with Faf du Plessis; the South African was seen rubbing the ball on the zipper of his pants’ pocket. The field umpires eventually awarded a five run penalty against his team.

The charge of ball tampering caused du Plessis left 50 per cent of his match fees. ‘We are not cheats’ that was what AB de Villiers said on the issue.

Biting the ball out, 2010

It was right into the mouth of the then Pakistani skipper Shahid Khan Afridi. Being caught in the television cameras, Afridi was seen biting and chewing the seam of the ball in a one day international match in Perth.

The Pakistani start then was suspended from two T20 internationals under ball tampering charges.

The forfeiture win, 2006

This was a serious chronicle of events took place between England and Pakistan back in 2006.

Following a ball tampering allegations by field umpires Darrell Hair and Billy Doctrove, Pakistan refused to take the field after tea break on day four of the Test.

The match officials called the match off, rewarding England with the win via forfeiture. Much troubled water floated in between two nations later on.

The dirty ball affair, 1994

Mike Atherton was young as a skipper when he was fined $3,700 for ball tampering in a Test match against South Africa at Lord’s.

Collected dirt from the pitch, Atherton stored that in his pocket, and … rubbed the ball with that dirt each time he handled it.

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