Gambhir picks Rohit ahead of Kohli as best Indian batsman

Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma? Most of the people will choose Kohli without thinking too much to answer the question. However, if the format is ODI and T20 excluding Tests, then former India opener Gautam Gambhir will put Rohit ahead of Kohli.

Gambhir picks Rohit ahead of Kohli as best Indian batsman

Though he has yet to settle down in the Test team, Rohit has already taken himself to another height in limited overs cricket. He has three double centuries in ODIs, including the highest run-scoring innings. His success with the Mumbai Indians in the IPL is much more than Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore.

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The former India opener is putting Kohli a little behind Rohit in limited overs due to various serious reasons.

“I think it’s a big deal in white ball impact. Kohli will score more runs than Rohit, Kohli is one of the best batsmen in the world at the moment, but I think Rohit will be a little ahead as he has more impact in the white ball,”

Gambhir said.

Gambhir further explained, “I think Rohit is the best in the world right now in white-ball cricket. Not to mention the best of all time, above all at the moment. He is the only batsman to have scored three ODI centuries and five World Cup centuries (in one edition). He’s the only player to say after 100 that he missed a double century.”

Even then, Gambhir admits that it is difficult to compare the two together, “It is very difficult to compare the two. Kohli is incredible, the statistics prove it. But when your name goes to a place where when you are out after scoring a century, people will say that people have missed a double century, it tells you where you have taken yourself.”

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