Get the ‘Meat’ out from Cricket! English club introduces ‘Vegan’ ball!

A cricket club in United Kingdom, the first ever in the country, has gone ‘vegan’ after Muslim and Hindu players were excluded from tea between innings. Not only that, they have opted for ‘vegan’ cricket ball instead of usual leather ball.

Get the 'Meat' out from Cricket! English club introduces 'Vegan' ball!
The Earley Cricket Club, Birkshire. Photo: Telegraph UK

Earley Cricket Club in Reading, a town 40 miles (64 kilometres) west of London gone for the decision of introducing a vegan cricket ball, a synthetic animal products-free ball covered with rubber instead of leather.

The Berkshire club Chairman Gary Shacklady said,

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“It does behave like a leather cricket ball, but it bounces more and it’s more difficult to grip. But we’re enthused by it and we’re hopeful of finding a better version.”

Shacklady, who founded the club 12 years ago and at the age of 33 becomes the youngest cricket club chairman in England, is hoping other clubs in the Berkshire Cricket League will follow them as well.

Shacklady turned vegan five years ago are now serving a vegan menu consists of Moroccan tagine, curries and rice, lasagne, garlic bread and spaghetti bolognese to club cricketers during the innings break.

Mr Shacklady said, “The teas have been well received as our players understand and support the reasoning behind the decision.

The club play in Division 2 and Division 3 of the Berkshire Cricket League.
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