Getting 10 or more wickets on Test debut is not easy, says Jason Krejza

Before Sri Lanka’s Praveen Jayawickrama’s recent more than 10-wickets haul on Test debut, it was Australian right-arm spinner Jason Krejza, who achieved this feat (against India at Nagpur in 2008).

Getting 10 or more wickets on Test debut is not easy, says Jason Krejza

The 22-year Jayawickrama old made a fairytale Test debut with 11 wickets last week against Sri Lanka- only the 4th bowler to take 10 wicket haul on debut since 1980, first Sri Lankan to do so and since 2008 the only bowler to do so on debut.

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“It (getting ten or more wickets on debut) is not easy and therefore there are only a handful of bowlers (16 in all) in the history of 144 years of Test cricket,” Krejza, speaking exclusively over the telephone from Australia, said.

“It’s a pretty special feat to take so many wickets on debut, let alone a seasoned Test player. All the more reason to celebrate what Praveen has achieved! His performance will hopefully be remembered by cricketers and fans all over the cricket world!”

“The feeling (for any bowler) is incredible. One of those moments I really needed to pinch myself to ensure it was real. It’s a moment for me personally I will never forget and I’d say for Praveen it will be the same.”

“My advice to him is to just keep enjoying every game as if it was his last. You never know what is going to happen in the future. So enjoy every moment playing for your country,” Krejza added.

Krejza played only one more Test match after his heroic performance. The 38-year old also played 8 ODIs for Australia.