Hafeez makes shocking remarks on ‘match-fixing’

While cricket is being followed or viewed by countless fans all across the world, match-fixing incidents are totally ruining the sport. Every fan expects the game to be corruption-free and that’s how it should be. Meanwhile, Pakistan all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez has chipped in with a bold statement about match-fixing.

Hafeez makes shocking remarks on 'match-fixing'

According to him, anyone in his team who is found guilty of match-fixing then he should never be allowed to represent for Pakistan again. So far, several players from Pakistan have been involved in famous match-fixing scandals. They actually fix matches or fail to report approaches and when they get caught, they are in big trouble.

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Some players found guilty and handed a ban include the likes of former Pakistan captain Salman Butt, fast bowler Mohammad Asif, left-arm seamer Mohammad Amir, who is back in full swing playing for Pakistan, and opener Sharjeel Khan, who could make a return to the national team in the times to come.

“I’d like to thank my parents for the upbringing as they set guidelines for me that helped me later in my life, because as you know when you have success in professional life, there are things around you which are not right,” he said on Shoaib Akhtar’s YouTube channel as quoted by PakPassion.

“If you have a temporary friend and one who offers you such big things then a red light should go off in your head. I have always been careful and have never made myself an object of controversy – and those who were mentioned in a wrong way, I feel their lifestyles had big issues.

“It was my principled decision and is still the same that whoever plays for Pakistan and is unable to uphold the honour of Pakistan should never get a chance to feel that pride [of representing Pakistan] again. Those players are like my brothers and I do pray for them but what they did and besmirched the integrity of Pakistan, I was against that.

“I raised my voice in this regard but I was told in reply that they will play for Pakistan and if you wish to play as well, then you decide [what you want to do] and I was like really? So I went home and took advice as I did not want to spend giving my positive energy for Pakistan so I continued along with all those players although that was wrong and I still say that is wrong and will never be fruitful for Pakistan. Bringing back any such player will never be fruitful for Pakistan.”

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