Hales needs to look himself in the mirror: Vaughan

It has been a tough week to digest for Alex Hales whose name was removed from upcoming World Cup squad after having been caught taking ‘recreational drugs’ not once but for the second time.

Hales need to look himself in the mirror: Vaughan
Alex Hales

Michael Vaughan has criticized Alex Hales, citing his cricketing future as an issue but at the same time, insisted that a second chance should be given.

“I believe there’s a way back for everyone,” said former England skipper Vaughan while speaking at a Super Saturday event as part of the Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour, driven by popular car manufacturing brand Nissan.

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“For Alex it’s a long road back, first and foremost as a person. He needs good people around him to get his life back on track.

“He needs to produce performances to force his way back. The problem for Alex is he isn’t getting any younger. The World Cups are every four years.”

“Whether he’ll feel he can be a part of the next World Cup will come down to his performances and his professionalism. He’ll have to convince people he’s changed. He needs to look himself in the mirror and get his life sorted.”

England skipper Eoin Morgan said there is ‘complete breakdown of trust’ between Hales and the squad.

“He’ll have to convince people he’s changed”

Vaughan, who steered England to their greatest-ever triumph in the 2005 Ashes reckoned that England Cricket Board found themselves in a difficult situation by the way the news came to light and due to which they had no choice but suspend the opener immediately.

“If I was in that position, I’d like to think I’d respond in the exact same way as Eoin has,” said Vaughan.

“Eoin led from the front. What Hales has done is illegal – he’s breached his contract. The ECB had no other choice, it’s a decision I would have made and they’ve dealt with it in a very mature manner.

“Drugs protocol is one where you get a first strike and the second strike isn’t public knowledge, but it’s leaked out. The ECB had no other choice, it’s a decision I would have made and they’ve dealt with it in a very mature manner,” Vaughan concluded.

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