Hambantota ground staff told to strip off trousers to get paid

Hambantota ground staff told to strip off trousers to get paid

Temporary workers contracted as ground staff at Hambantota for the ODI series between Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe,which concluded yesterday were forced to strip off the trousers given to them by the Sri Lanka Cricket(SLC) before receiving their wages. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ হাম্বানটোটায় খুলে নেওয়া হল মাঠকর্মীদের ট্রাউজার!]

Images on the social media showed some of the temporary workers receiving their paychecks while being in their underpants.

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There were almost 100 temporary workers filling in as ground staff. Most of the workers were local youth, who were working for a daily wage of 1,000 rupees. After the conclusion of the series the workers lined up to get their wages. At that time some SLC officials told them that they have to return the trousers with the SLC logo first, only then they would be paid. The workers weren’t informed of this stipulation beforehand. Most of the workers didn’t have an extra pair of trousers with them. As a result they had to bare the humiliation of striping off their trousers and collect the wages in their undergarments.

Sri Lanka’s cricket board has apologized to the ground staff who were ordered to strip off and return the uniforms provided to them before being paid.

The Sri Lankan cricket board said in a statement,“Whilst stern action will be taken against those responsible, Sri Lanka Cricket wishes to apologize to those subjected to this ignominy, and will take steps to ensure they are compensated.”

Ashfaq Niloy,Correspondent,


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