Harbhajan slams China for threatening another virus pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic around the globe, has charged heavy toll on 10.3 million people worldwide. It has cost about five lakh deaths already.Having innumerous hotspots across the country, the Indian government is currently fire-fighting with the pandemic situation.

Harbajan slams China for threatening another virus pandemic

Metropolitan cities such as Delhi and Mumbai, where the contraction is increasing exponentially has stocked out with health facilities. Currently, United States of America (USA)  having the most number of affected peoples with more than 26 lakh cases. They have already confirmed 1.28 lakh deaths till now. While  India is the fourth-most badly hit country in the world with over 5.5 lakh confirmed cases and almost 17,000 death confirmation.

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Meanwhile, China is threatening another pandemic situation which has the same ‘infectious’ capacity like swine flu. Scientists have found the new virus in China. The virus is carried by pigs and have the capacity to transmit in humans.similar to the infection of 2009 swine flu, virus has termed as G4 EA H1N1. The worst concern abou the virus is the scientists warned that the available vaccine might not be sufficient.


China was criticized for not sharing critical information with the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding the pandemic.iThe outbreak of COVID-19 virus, was originated from a wet market in Wuhan.


Indian off-spinner, Harbhajan Singh, recently took to Twitter to slam China for ‘readying’ another pandemic amid COVID-19 crisis. While India and China are not in good terms regarding border tension.

“While the whole world is still struggling to deal with Covid 19 they have made another virus ready for us,” Bhajji wrote on Twitter.

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