Harbhajan wonders electric bills

The world is already in financial turmoil due to COVID-19. There is a problem of extra electricity bill in Pohate. Like Bangladesh, India has complaints about bizarre electricity bills.This time, Harbhajan Singh’s eyes widened when he saw the electricity bill of his house for one month.

‘Pure mohalle ka lga diya kya’ – Harbhajan wonders electric bills

During the Corona period, like other problems, electricity bill has become a trivial problem. Ordinary people are getting restless because of excessive bills. During the lockdown across India due to the corona, many people protested against the electricity bill in Kolkata and adjoining areas. The stars have also expressed their displeasure.

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The situation is the same in Mumbai as in Kolkata. Recently, India’s star spinner Harbhajan has made such a complaint. Harbhajan’s Mumbai home has been charged seven times more than the usual electric bill in July. His electricity bill is Rs 33,900.

Harbhajan was surprised to see such a spooky electricity bill. He took to social media on Sunday to express his displeasure. Where Harbhajan sneered at the power supply company and wrote, ‘So much bill! Is the whole mahalla money being taken from me?