Hazlewood vows against proposed saliva ban

Australian fast bowler Josh Hazlewood has raised his voice against the ICC cricket committee’s proposal of banning the use of saliva to shine cricket ball and permitting use of sweat in that place.

Hazlewood vows against proposed saliva ban

ICC’s executive committee said that saliva carries a huge risk under the current COVID-19 pandemic. The committee was chaired by former India skipper Anil Kumble. They concluded with the use of sweat a much-safer alternative for bowlers to shine the ball.

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The 29-year-old Hazlewood, however, isn’t as confident about the proposed changes and he is against the proposition.

“I’d like saliva to be used, obviously, but if that’s what they’ve put forward, I guess everyone is playing the same game,” he told the Australian Daily Telegraph.

“Once it comes back to you as a bowler, it’s second nature to just give it a little touch up if you see something, and that’s going to be hard to stop to be honest. And it’s a tough thing to monitor for sure. Sweat probably makes [the ball] a bit wetter if that makes sense. Makes it a bit heavier.”

The proposal made by Kumble’s committee was based on recommendations provided by Dr Peter Harcourt, chair of the ICC medical advisory committee.

Hazlewood doubts the impact of sweat will have no significant impact on the condition of the ball as saliva can change the behaviour of the ball.

“I think you’ll use very small amounts because people have sweaty hands anyway, and it gets on the ball. I don’t think this will have as big an impact as what people think,” he added.

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