Huge allegations against Kohli, could face big punishment

As per the recommendation of the Lodha Commission appointed by the Supreme Court of India, no one contracted with the Board of Cricket in India (BCCI) can be associated with any other for-profit organization.

Huge allegations against Kohli, could face big punishment

In a word, it is a conflict of interest. A huge allegation has been leveled against Indian captain Kohli as a conflict of interest. If the allegations are proven, he will face severe punishment.

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The current president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Sourav Ganguly, was also accused of conflict of interest when he was on the BCCI’s Cricket Advisory Committee. The same allegation was made against Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman. This time the allegation has been made against Virat Kohli this time.

Sanjeev Gupta, a life member of the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association, has accused Virat Kohli of conflict of interest. Sanjeev has written a letter to BCCI ethics officer and retired Justice D K Jain.

Earlier, Sanjeev had made similar allegations against stars like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman. Tendulkar and Sourav had to resign from the BCCI’s cricket advisory board on the basis of his allegations. Later, however, they were acquitted.

This time Sanjeev Gupta took Virat Kohli under his accusation. He alleged that despite his contract with the BCCI, he was associated with multiple sports-related organizations. Which is contrary to the recommendations of the Lodha Commission and the Supreme Court.

Sanjeev Gupta also wrote the names of two big companies in his complaint letter. Kohli has broken the rules of the BCCI since his allegations were linked to these two organizations. He wrote,

“Kohli holds two posts: one as player and captain of the Indian team and other as a Director of Sports marketing company which contracts fellow Indian cricketers.”

It further alleges: “Kohli is the Director in Virat Kohli Sports LLP and Cornerstone Ventures Partners LLP and his fellow directors in these companies are the directors of Cornerstone Sport and Entertainment Private Limited which manages Indian captain’s commercial interests and also signs other cricketers.”

“Annexed is the complaint dated 4 July 2020 under BCCI Rule 39(2)(b) against Shri Virat Kohli for breaching BCCI Rule 38(4) .”

“2- Original hard copy duly signed complaint in an affidavit along with 1 more set ( in all 2 sets ) is posted today 04 July 2020 to Learned BCCI Ethics Officer & I set is also posted to Respondent, Shri Virat Kohli by registered post today 4 July 2020. Postal receipts are enclosed in PDF file Annexed .”

“3 – As apprised that BCCI office is closed, hence Humble request to Learned BCCI Ethics Officer to at once issue notice to Respondent to file a reply in affidavit & also kindly fix a date for hearing .”

“4 – My sole pure intent behind filing each & every precise/factual complaint is for 100 % compliance of Lodha Reforms & Supreme Court approved BCCI Constitution without any personal agenda & without any vested interest.

I am least bothered about the persona/aura of the individual, as I am only bothered for 100 % compliance. No individual, how Rich / Big / Influential / Powerful one is, can never be above the law of the Land “ The Supreme Court “ verdict, everybody has to Respect, Accept & 100 % comply forthwith & fall in line. Nothing to attain & nothing of mine at stake, it is Supreme Court verdicts sanctity & compliance at stake for which I am all alone combating day in & day out for last 4 years & will continue to do so till my mind & body will support said noble cause/intent without any fear/favour/influence/ assistance/ influence/news/publicity, I have not & will not leave any stone unturned for the same.”

However, the BCCI is reluctant to comment on Sanjeev Gupta’s allegations. An official of the Indian board said that someone was deliberately trying to take the Indian board in a different direction. Attempts are being made to blackmail those who are serving the country for their personal interests. It is clear from the way these letters are being written that there is a purpose behind it.

Sanjeev Gupta, however, has made it clear in his letter that he is not making one allegation after another out of personal enmity towards anyone. Its sole purpose is to maintain transparency in the workings of the BCCI and to abide by the directions of the Lodha Commission and the Supreme Court.

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