Hyderabad cricketer Virendra Naik dies at cricket match

Unfortunately, the casualty or death of a cricketer at the playground is not an uncommon thing nowadays. But the death news of a Hyderabad cricketer on Sunday stunned the whole cricketing world.  A Hyderabad cricketer had died in the dressing room after failing to be happy with the umpire’s decision on the field. The 41-year old deceased cricketer is named Virendra Naik.

Hyderabad cricketer Virendra Naik dies at cricket match

According to sources, Virendra took the field in the local ODI league with a bat for the Marredpally Sporting club on Sunday. Not only that, he also played a superb knock of 66-run in the match. But what happened next was fully a horrible incident.

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He had to return to the pavilion due to an umpire’s wrong decision after playing that innings of 66-run. Virendra seemed unhappy with the decision. He returned to the dressing room. Meanwhile, he went to the washroom where he reportedly collapsed near the door.

Immediately his teammates took him to Secunderabad Hospital in a car. There Virendra fell into the abyss of death. According to the cricketer’s family sources, Virendra had always had a heart problem. He even took regular medicines for that reason. He was so frustrated with the umpire’s decision that he was heartbroken after his dismissal that day. Even Virendra threw his frustration at first by entering the dressing room. That’s what the teammates said.

The death of a cricketer who is not happy with the umpire’s decision is rare in the cricket world. Besides, the question arises that how reasonable it was to continue playing cricket with heart problems. So, whether unhappy with the umpire’s decision or any other physical problem is the main reason of his death, there is also a question in it.

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