I don’t see swing being a big problem without saliva, says owner of Dukes

The owner of the ball manufacturer Dukes, Dilip Jajodia has said that bowlers should have the ability to swing the ball without saliva especially in England this summer. He also thinks that balls which are produced by Dukes are swinging friendly in natural.

I don’t see swing being a big problem without saliva, says owner of Dukes

Some days ago England pacer Chris Woakes also said that bowlers have to find a way to shine the ball for swing and it’s a good news that Dukes ball will be used not Kookaburra as there’s some assistance for the bowlers in Dukes ball.

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“Woakes is absolutely correct, I don’t see swing being a big problem in England. You have to have a balance between bat and ball otherwise the game is boring, we know that. But it’s not just the shiny surface or the rough side that causes swing, it’s the integrity of the ball.

“You don’t have to worry because with a ball constructed like ours you’ve got a good shape, a strong seam that acts as a rudder through the air and, because it is hand-stitched, it stays harder for longer,” Dilip Jajodia said.

He also mentioned that International Cricket Council (ICC) is going to ban the use of saliva, not sweat. So with sweat, Dukes ball will give a good shine. “They are not banning the use of sweat, so you run your hand over your forehead and, with the nature of the leather, a rigorous polish should get the grease moving enough to give a good shine,” Jajodia said.

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