"I want to help Sohag Gazi"- Salahuddin

SalahuddinMohammad Salahuddin worked as a fielding coach of Bangladesh national team for a long period of time. Now he is working as the coach of Kualampur National University of Malaysia. He helped Razzak in the rehabilitation of program.

Does BCB make contact with you for helping in the rehabilitation program?
Mohammad Salahuddin: Yes, BCB Cricket Operations Chairman Akram Khan called me. I’m going to Malaysia today. I have informed them when I’ll be able to make time. Now it is up to the BCB.

Does Sohag himself make contact with you?
Salahuddin: Yes, I’ve met and talked with you today. I’ve given him some instructions and cleared my situation. He should have confidence upon the person with whom he is going to work unless the procedure will not be successful. And it is important not to hurry. I’ve said it to him also. I’ll be pleased if I could help him.

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What about his mental condition?
Salahuddin: Naturally he is confident enough and it is necessary to make a comeback. But as it is a technical affair – it needs a lot of work. A co – ordination of technique and confidence is necessary in this regard because the aim of rehabilitation program is not only to correct action but also to hold the performance of that bowler in that corrected action. It will be all in vain if the bowler lost his capability after the rehabilitation program.

How is the risk if the bowling action has to be changed?
Salahuddin: The risk is there but it can be altered also. Razzak did well after his action was changed in the rehabilitation program. It could also happen to Sohag. But if he will make hurry to come back it may not work that way.

It is heard that you took Razzak in Khulna separately during the rehabilitation…
Salahuddin: I did it for the welfare of Razzak himself and I think it is good for them to stay away during the rehabilitation; here is in Dhaka everyone was coming to ask questions about the happening – How is everything going on? When will you come back etc. these things create pressure upon once time.

Sohag has been suspected after Razzak; the examination of Al – Amin is yet to come. What do you think about all these?
Salahuddin: We have to be careful from our domestic cricket otherwise these things will continue in international arena.

Do we have that concern?
Salahuddin: Not really. There are some bowlers in domestic arena who have suspected actions – they need to be corrected. A player rises in the international level after crossing several steps; if he would fall in troubles after some days it will be a big trouble for the country. If we increase concern in the grass root level, these things can be minimized.