ICC banned Sohag Gazi

Sohag Gazi

Bangladesh’s most promising spinner Sohag Gazi has been banned for his illegal bowling action. International Cricket Council (ICC) announced their final decision today at evening. BCB media committee chairman Jalal Yunus confirmed the news. [Read in Bangla: ওয়ার্ল্ড কাপের আগেই ফেরার লক্ষ্য সোহাগের]

International Cricket Council (ICC) seems to lead a war against the illegal bowling actions – the most recent shot out in this ‘crack down’ is left hander Bangladeshi spinner Sohag Gazi. Sohag has been examined in the ICC approved laboratory recently and today ICC has revealed the result of the test and it has brought great disappointment for Sohag and Bangladesh. His bowling action has been regarded as illegal and Sohag will not be able to perform in international cricket until he will correct his action to the point of legality. It is a great mishap for the only cricketer in the history of to score a century and hat trick in the same test.

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Sohag had been accused for illegal bowling action in the recently finished West Indies tour of Bangladesh. He was accused in a previous occasion also. According to the rules of ICC a suspected bowler has to go under the examination in an approved bio – mechanic laboratory. Sohag was undergone that examination in 19th of September in laboratory in Cardiff, England. Although examiners told that there would be no gross problem in his bowling but final result is totally negative. BCB Chief Executive Officer Nijamuddin Chowdhury has confirmed the news.

The ICC rules for bowler is a bowler can bend his arm up to 15 degree. The deviation Sohag has not been informed. BCB CEO Mr. Nijamuddin said, “Yes, ICC has confirmed that Sohag bend his arm more than the approved limit but they have not wanted to inform us about the limit of the deviation in Sohag’s bowling. ICC will give a press release in this regard soon.”

When Nijamuddin asked what will be the step of the board now, he said, “We will take appropriate measures according to the procedure of ICC; we will take steps so that Sohag will be able to return in the field as soon as possible. There will be no obstruction in his way to return in the field if he will be able to correct his action properly.”

Sohag is also unable to inform anything officially; when contacted he said, “I do not know anything now. I’ve just informed by the journalists that my action has been regarded as illegal by ICC. But when I went there to give my test, specialists assured me about my action. They assumed that my action is all right. They said that the arm can be bend up to 8 – 9 – 10 degrees but it cannot be up to 15 degree.”

Sohag can continue his batting in the meantime. His batting average in the first class cricket is above 28 and in the tests it is approximately 22. But Sohag is realizing the practical situation, “If I will be taken in the team only as a batsman I’ll try my best to serve the team. But I’m mainly a bowler and I’ve been selected in the team as a bowler. Batting is my bonus so to be selected in the team as a batsman only is of little possibility.”

But Sohag is not fully frustrated, “I’m trying to be positive. I’ll try to correct my action so that I’ll be able to come back in the national team quickly.”

In the recent times, star Pakistani off spinner Saed Ajmal had been suspended for illegal bowling action. Mohammad Hafiz of Pakistan and Sunil Naraine of West Indies have been accused of suspected bowling action.

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