ICC committee recommends upholding coin toss

After an annual meeting of ICC Cricket Committee members in Mumbai on May 28 and 29, cricket’s highest board has recommended that coin toss would remain part of Test cricket.

ICC committee recommends upholding coin toss
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ICC was considering to scrap coin toss in World Test Championship in order to have equality between visiting team and home team. If that’s the case, then the visiting team would win the toss automatically and choose whether to bat or bowl first.

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“The Committee discussed whether the toss should be automatically awarded to the visiting team but felt that it was an integral part of Test cricket which forms part of the narrative of the game,” an ICC release said.

In the era of home advantage, questions arose regarding the quality of competition among the teams. ICC has urged the members to provide pitches which can give a better play between bat and ball.

“However, in acknowledging that the preparation of Test pitches that could provide a risk to the competitiveness of the ICC World Test Championship, the Committee urged Members to continue to focus on the delivery of pitches that provide a better balance between bat and ball in line with ICC regulations,” said ICC.

The ICC has also discussed points system for Test Championship. Committee members recommend to count points to be counted from every match results, not series wins. In that case, a drawn match will hand one-third of points to both teams.

The ICC could get hard on any offences made on the field. Giving more authority to match officials has been discussed.

Anil Kumble, the committee chairman, said: “The group felt that excessive personal abuse and ball tampering were serious offences in the game and that should be reflected in the way in which they are dealt with. There was also strong support for giving the match officials more authority and subsequently greater support around their decision making.”

ICC committee members made further recommendations-

  • Raising the sanctions associated with ball tampering
  • Creating a new offence for offensive, personal, insulting, offensive or orchestrated abuse
  • The consideration of the introduction of a new offence of attempting to gain an unfair advantage
  • Creating a Code of Respect
  • Match referee to have the authority to downgrade or upgrade a level of offence or sanction