ICC defends Dharmasena over umpiring blunder

Kumar Dharmasena drew criticism for his contentious decision during the last over of the World Cup final between England and New Zealand. In fact, he was on the receiving end of trolls and abuses but Dharmasena wouldn’t bat an eye on these critics as he boldy said that he would never regret the decision he has made.

ICC defends Dharmasena over umpiring blunder
Kumar Dharmasena doesn’t regret his decision.

While the cricket fans are not happy with Dharmasena’s judgment, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has finally spoken for the first time about the controversial decision made by on-field umpires on July 14.

The global governing body of cricket defended on-field umpires Kumar Dharmasena and Marais Erasmus over umpiring error.

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“They had to make a judgement call on the day as to whether the batsmen had crossed when the throw was released,” ICC’s general manager of cricket, Geoff Allardice, was quoted as saying by ESPNCricinfo.

“After everything that went on during that delivery, they got together over their comms system and made their decision. They certainly followed the right process when making the decision.

“They were aware of the law when they made the judgment about whether the batsmen had crossed or not at the time. The playing conditions don’t allow them to refer to such a decision to a third umpire.

The match referee cannot intervene when the umpires on the field have to make a judgement call like that,” he said.

It is congnisance of the fact that Kumar Dharmasena and Marais Erasmus awarded 6 runs rather than five to an overthrow from Martin Guptill during the 50th over in England’s run chase.

The batsmen- Ben Stokes and Adil Rashid didn’t cross as they attempted for a second run and the ball inadvertently deflected off Stokes’s bat to the boundary.

This was actually an error of judgement on behalf of umpires and awarding six runs went against MCC’s Law 19.8.

Simon Taufel who is now a member of the MCC laws sub-committee said after the match that the officials made a “mistake” in awarding England 1 extra run.

This means Adil Rashid should have been on the striker’s end in the next ball.

However, Kumar Dharmasena later admitted that there had been a judgemental error but that he will “never regret the decision”.

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