ICC hilariously trolls England fans

In the Fourth Test match of the Ashes 2019 series, Australia comprehensively beat the hosts England by 185 runs and retain the Ashes urn. Steve Smith, who made a terrific come back after the ban, has played world-class cricket throughout the series and ended up as the leading run-scorer of the series.

ICC hilariously trolls England fans


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It is indeed an ultimate come back for the veteran player Steve Smith. However, in the initial stage of the series, England fans ruthlessly trolled the former skipper to the core. And now when Australia has retained the title, a tweet from International Cricket Council trolled back England fans.

Actually, ahead of Day 5 play of the fourth Test, ICC’s official twitter handle tweeted a photo of an English fan, wearing Steve Smith mask with a crying face on it and then used a definition of ‘Karma’ as the caption for their tweet.

Soon after the Karma tweet from ICC’s official twitter handle, fans got confused with it and started asking whether the ICC account was hacked or what. Being an international cricket body, everyone expects professional posts from them but all of a sudden when the handle started posting about Karma tweet, people thought that ICC account is hacked by someone else.

Needless to say, some fans stood with ICC’s tweet while some are trolling back International Cricket Council for this tweet.

ICC tweeted the photo with a caption, “karma [noun] kar·ma | \ ˈkär-mə also ˈkər- \ Definition of karma often capitalized. The force generated by a person’s actions held in Hinduism and Buddhism to perpetuate transmigration. And in its ethical consequences to determine the nature of the person’s next existence.”

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