ICC thinking of scrapping coin toss

Cricket’s governing body International Cricket Council is set to discuss about scrapping coin
toss to reduce home advantage for host teams in the ICC Test Championship 2019-21. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ টেস্ট ক্রিকেটে আর থাকছে না টস!]


ICC thinking of scrapping coin toss

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Since the Test cricket started in 1877, every Test has had coin toss to decide whether a side will bat or bowl first. Nowadays, winning the toss almost means winning the game. To stop that, ICC will discuss in Mumbai later this month about how to make the game competitive.

If the rule changes, then the visiting team will choose whether they will bowl or bat first. For example, in Test match between Bangladesh and Australia in Bangladesh, visitors Australia will decide whether they will bowl or bat on a spicy Mirpur wicket.

Talking about wickets, members will also discuss about pitch preparation in the ICC chief executive meeting. This is only to reduce home advantage.

According to ESPNcricinfo, these topics will be discussed in Mumbai, “There is serious concern about the current level of home team interference in Test pitch preparation, and more than one committee member believes that the toss should be automatically awarded to the visiting team in each match, although there are some others on the committee who do not share that view.”

England and Wales Cricket Board has already scrapped coin toss in the County Championship since 2016. The visiting side automatically wins the toss and take decision.

This caused a change in the match situations. In 2015, 74% of the county games went in the fourth day. Whereas in 2016, 85% of the matches reached fourth day which his the highest since 2009.

There will be discussions about Day-Night Tests, Five-day Tests, points system and the choice of ball for Test Championship as well.


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