ICC to discuss health issues with medical team

Noble coronavirus pandemic has silenced the whole world. It has spread in every corners of the earth. A huge change may take place in sports world due to its lethal effect on human beings. It’s certain that some change will take place in 22-yard cricket pitch but which rituals will change is still in smog.

ICC to discuss health issues with medical team

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed in report that this virus mainly contaminated through droplets like sweat and saliva. Besides sneezing and coughing of affected people also contaminates this virus.

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As a cricketer they have high risk of contamination. Because in cricket rituals, players use sweat or saliva for a better delivery. So Many experts and former cricketers opines that a change in cricket usual rituals is must necessary. A prohibition announce might come not to use sweat or saliva to polish the ball anymore.

Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly was asked about this and he was not agreed to make any comment about this. Rather he insists that International cricket council should come forward to look into this matter.

In a press briefing Sourav said, “I think we are thinking too much about this matter and it’s very early to take decision about this one. As this is a matter of medical research so doctors will decide what to do and what not to do.

“After the coronavirus pandemic ends, cricket will return on its regular rhythm and ICC will discuss about health issues with medical team and inform their decisions. But it’s too early to say about saliva or sweat.”

Due to Covid-19 pandemic all the cricket playing nations have prohibited all forms of professional cricket until the situation gets normal. As this virus contaminates due to physical contact and droplets it was obvious to summon social distancing. After the poisonous atmosphere ends it’s certain that some precautionary measures will be taken by the cricket boards.

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