ICC to get tougher


The recently concluded Test series between India and Australia saw plenty of sledging between the players. Most of the language used by the players are inappropriate to be published here. The aggressive attitude in the Tests was carried to the ongoing tri Series which includes England as the third team besides India and Australia. David Warner of Australia reportedly asked Rohit Sharma of India to “Speak in English” , after the latter hurled abuses at him in Hindi, and this created quite a stir in the media. [Read in Bangla: বিশ্বকাপে আইসিসির নতুন নিয়ম]

Due to the intensity and excitement that is attached with international matches, cricketers often lose their cool and get carried away. Playing mind games with the opposition is an art, but players often cross the limit.

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As a result, International cricket council  (ICC ) is planning to control the level of sledging in cricket matches. In some cases, players might be handed letters in the middle of a match if they breach the code of conduct.

ICC CEO Dave Richardson has said, ” Umpires have been asked to monitor the behaviour of players with further rigidity and stringency. There are plenty of instances where players have shown disrespect to their opponents, starting from last Ashes series. Many teams have no problems if players get fined after insulting an opponent.”

He added that ICC will send instructions regarding this issue to all players before the World cup, and umpires will be ordered to be more strict while officiating the matches during the tournament.

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