If I want, I can also abuse using bad language: Shoaib to Sehwag-Gambhir

Despite the constant rivalry on the field, there is talk of friendship between the Indian and Pakistani cricketers outside the field. However, the news of the conflict often comes out in different media. Especially the battle of words between Gautam Gambhir-Shahid Afridi and Virender Sehwag-Shoaib Akhtar is great.

If I want, I can also abuse using bad language: Shoaib to Sehwag-Gambhir

However, Pakistan’s legendary pacer Shoaib is not willing to give much importance to these war of words. According to him, no matter how much trouble the occasional gun, Sehwag-Gambhir is a very good man. But the problem is, when they go on TV, their words are not correct.

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And Shoaib is very angry about this. No matter how friendly they are, Shoaib is having a lot of trouble with Sehwag-Gambhir due to his contradictory comments in public. He also threatened that if he wanted to, nonsense could come out of his mouth.

In an interview with ‘Helo’ App, Shoaib said,

“Sehwag and Gambhir are very good people. But when they sit at the TV, they start to say rubbish. If I want, I can also abuse them using bad language. But I don’t say that because many children also watch these TV shows.”

But why did Shoaib suddenly get angry? Why did he give a hidden threat to talk nonsense? Behind this is a comment from Sehwag. Which Shoaib did not take easily at all.

Several years ago, Sehwag told the funny story of a match against Pakistan. “I was batting around 200,” he said. “Shoaib was tired of bowling. So he came round the wicket and started hitting one bouncer after another. He explained to me that now only the bouncer will work. I told him, if you can, give a bouncer to Sachin Tendulkar who is on non-strike. In the next over, he gave a bouncer to Sachin and Sachin hit a six with a hook shot.”

Sehwag’s remarks were well received in the cricket circles of the two teams. However, Shoaib has strongly opposed this comment from the beginning. He said that after being asked about it face to face in the 2011 World Cup, Sehwag has contradicted his own words.

Shoaib’s comment, “What do you think? After saying something like that, will I just leave him (Sehwag)? We were in Bangladesh during the 2011 World Cup. Gambhir was also there then. I asked Sehwag, did you say something like that on TV? He then said directly that he did not say anything like that. He made his own remarks negative. Gambhir was sitting next to him. I told Sehwag, ‘If I ever hear you make such a comment, I will not let you go.”

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