Imran khan warns Misbah-Azhar and asks to focus on their job

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned head coach Misbah and skipper Azhar Ali. He asked them to focus on their job and warned to show explanation for unhealthy moves . He also defended his decision to change the domestic cricket structure in the country. He insisted that different structure will bring world class talents across the country.

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About the conducts and role of head coach Misbah and captain Azhar Ali, the prime minister warned them to focus on their job as board officials were unhappy by some decisions of the duo sometimes.

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“The top Board officials were irked by the move from both Misbah and Azhar. The two of them will be asked to explain their conduct sometime in the future”


Imran believes that Pakistan cricket had only done well because of its immense raw talent despite a poor cricket system. The 1992 World Cup-winning captain convinced the senior players to adopt the new norms for the betterment of Pakistan cricket.

“I have convinced with great difficulty Misbah, Hafeez and Azhar (who were among the attendees) that the new cricket structure must be allowed to grow and become strong,” said Imran.

“Despite this system we won because of the immense raw talent we have. Nowhere does a player graduate straight into the national team from junior or club level cricket.”

Before it Misbah, Hafeez and Azhar had requested to meet with the PM to discuss the new system which has done away with departmental cricket had left many cricketers jobless.

“I told them that every new system had its teething problems and it takes some time but I can assure you once it is established it will ensure the raw talent we have in cricket will come through polished and groomed for international cricket,” Imran said.

Imran said he wants to see Pakistan cricket belong where it should belong once its talent is properly groomed and there is a system to ensure only quality players come forward.

“I am hopeful that we will be able in a position to field a very strong team for the next World Cup and do well in it thanks to this new system,” he said.

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