India ahead of Pakistan because of higher salary, says Mushtaq Mohammad

India, or Pakistan – which team is ahead in cricket right now? Tests, ODIs and T20s; If you keep an eye on the ranking of the three editions, then India are far ahead of Pakistan.

India ahead of Pakistan because of higher salary, says Mushtaq Mohammad

At the moment in the Test rankings, India is ranked at number one while Pakistan are at number seven. India are in second place in ODIs, Pakistan at number six. Pakistan, however, are ahead in the T20I, they are at the top. India is ranked fourth there.

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Former Pakistan captain Mushtaq Mohammad, however, has not been thinking about these rankings. Mushtaq, who had played 57 Tests for Pakistan, also thinks India are ahead of Pakistan, with a winning spirit and player performance. He feels India had been far ahead of many other countries, not just Pakistan.

Mushtaq looks at one of the reasons for India becoming a great cricket nation – the country has a very strong cricket structure. Mushtaq, who lives in Birmingham, England, recently said, “They (India) are ahead of some other countries, including Pakistan. Because of this, they have been able to create a stable cricket structure. And they don’t make much change in this structure.”

Mushtaq, also feels that along with good structure, higher salary is one of the big reasons for their success.

“They are ahead of Pakistan and some other nations now because they have developed a sound cricket system by not making too many changes to their structure, their domestic and international players are well paid and they have built a strong pool of players,”

he said.

Cricketers from other countries, including Australia, England, have played all year at domestic T20 tournaments in different countries. But BCCI does not allow Indian cricketers to play in T20 tournaments in any country other than IPL,” he added.

Former Pakistan captain Mushtaq also said that one of the reasons for doing good of Indian cricketers is, “It is good for them that the BCCI does not allow Indian cricketers to play in domestic T20 tournaments in other countries. And these restrictions are accepted by Indian cricketers because they are well paid and also take good care of the BCCI players. That is why players can only focus on playing for India.”

Mushtaq sees another reason for India’s progress, “They are playing many matches at home or abroad. Now they are doing well in foreign tours. Compared to that, Pakistan rarely plays a regular Test series.”

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