“India well-behaved team” says ICC CEO

CEO of International Cricket Council David Richardson complemented Indian Cricket team as a well behaved team in all the aspects.

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Indian Cricket Team

International Cricket Council CEO David Richardson was in a promotional event in India related to World Cup and there he answered some questions raised on him about the current Indian Cricket team.

Richardson described Indian captain Virat Kohli as a great ambassador for the game and the Indian team a “well-behaved” one after queries came his way on Hardik Pandya’s sexist comments on a TV show.

“That’s the issue for the member country to worry about and generally the Indian team is a well behaved team. They come to matches and accept the umpire’s decision. They play in the right spirit,” said Richardson.

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“They perform very well and Virat Kohli is the great ambassador for the game. He talks passionately not about T20 cricket but Test cricket and 50-over cricket and I think all the good players want to play all formats of the game,” he added.

Further when asked about the recent controversies going around Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul, the South African replied happy on the way BCCI is handling this issue. “Yes, we hope that India would sort it out soon but from a global prospective, it’s not a huge issue.”

Also he didn’t fail to laud the recent memorable performances from the Indian Cricket team and compared them with the old mighty Aussies.

I think it’s a natural progression, India always have the potential, millions of people play the game and love the game and things in this country have proved tremendously,” he said.

“Their focus more on fitness, Virat Kohli is there, (Mahendra Singh) Dhoni was a catalyst for them. Their focus on bowling and fielding is better…Now they have depth in every field, fast-bowling, spinners, they have a good team at the moment,” he added

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