Indian cricketer rescues 40 from terrible fire

Cricketers become heroes in the eyes of everyone if they can play a good innings or win a big title on the cricket field. But to be a true hero is to have an impact on people’s lives, to come forward and on people’s welfare. Those who can do that, even if they are not big cricketers, have been heroes in the eyes of people for life.

Indian cricketer rescues 40 from fire

Aquib Shaikh, a Ranji Trophy cricketer from Mumbai, India, is one such example. 29-year-old Aquib could not do much in his playing life. He made his debut at the age of 20 in the Ranji Trophy, but after that match he did not get a chance in any recognized match. He has been trying to play at the highest level for the last one decade.

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He could not be a hero in the eyes of the people with the game. But last Wednesday (May 27) he became a real hero. Aquib lives in the Charm Stars building in the West Welfare area of ​​the Mumbai Metropolitan. Aquib lives on the sixth floor of the eight-story building.

A terrible fire broke out on the sixth floor last Wednesday evening. Then 40 people got stuck there. If anyone didn’t do something fast, everyone’s life would be in danger. Without thinking about himself, Aquib started a mission to save everyone with his two neighbors Adnan Khan and Danish Khan.

A long unused ladder is used in their rescue. Aqub and his friends moved 40 people one by one to the roof of the Sundra Plaza building next door. Later the fire brigade came and helped them in their work.

“There was no electricity all day,” Aquib, 29, told local media.

“The electricity came on around 6:15 pm, I charged my phone. Then the electricity went off again. Suddenly my mother came and said that there was a fire. I opened the door and saw smoke all around, I couldn’t see anything.”

Danish Khan, a resident of the fourth floor, was on the ground floor when the fire broke out. “I called Aquib and a few other friends when I saw the fire,” he said. “With Aquib and Adnan, we decided not to move people from a few six-story galleries to Sundra Plaza. Naturally people were very scared then. It could have been a much bigger accident. But people’s lives have been saved as all the friends have come forward from different places.”

“We were all scared because of the heavy smoke and suffocation,” Aquib said. “My 80-year-old grandmother, my mother – everyone was at home. Fortunately, the distance to Sundra Plaza was only 8 feet. That’s why I was able to remove them all. No one was harmed by the grace of God.”

Later, the fire service people came and said that the fire may have started from a short circuit. Aquib’s father Mobin Shaikh said, “Thanks and appreciation to the fire service and police personnel for handling the situation even during the lockdown.”

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