Indian statisticians suggest new names for ODIs

By  Bipin Dani

World’s renowned Indian cricket statistician Mohandas Menon wants the One Day International matches to be renamed. In the recently concluded World Cup the match between India and New Zealand was stretched to a second day because of rain. 

Team India in the ICC Cricket World Cup after losing against New Zealand

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The similar incident had happened when Sri Lanka played against England at Kandy in 2014.

Speaking exclusively, he says, “Late Bill Frindall always advocated the term Limited Over Internationals (LOI) instead of ODIs since some ODIs have been played for two days”. 

“He never used the term ODI. For him, it was always LOI and I agree with him’, he added.

Menon has suggested the two different formats of the Limited Over matches be known as follows:


T20I = T20I. 

“They can also be renamed as : LOI 50 and LOI 20”, V. Jaydevan, who has been working on the rain affected matches and whose VJD system was recognized by India’s Sunil Gavaskar, says.

Australian statistician, Ric Finlay, however is not enthusiast to change the name.

“They (the two-day stretched matches) are still One Day Internationals, because the INTENTION is to play them in one day. It is the scheduling intention that matters”, he said.

In the meantime, the World Cup trophy holder captain Eoin Morgan has sent a signed letter to all his fans, including this reporter (through “We are England Cricket Supporters) and thanked their support in winning this World Cup.

Eoin Morgans open letter to english supporters

In the first three paragraphs of the said letter, he has described how emotional they were to play the final and also thanked the opponents.

“We’re looking forward to being back in front of a home crowd again next summer against Australia, Pakistan and Ireland. It’ll be amazing to step out onto the field as World Champions”, he has hoped in his last para of the one-page letter.

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