India’s WC winning player was in touch with bookie!

A top Indian cricketer, part of the 2011 World Cup-winning squad, was in touch with a known bookie during an international match occurred in the period of 2008-09 season, revealed IPL investigator BB Mishra.

India's 2011 WC winning top player was in touch with bookie

“There is one such instance related to an international match played in India. But I could not probe that instance to its logical conclusion. That is what I am suggesting.

This thing happened during an international cricket match, probably in the run-up to the match. Just a day or two before the match.

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It happened in 2008-09,” Mishra said.

Reports said Mishra, appointed by the Supreme Court of India, investigated the movement of as many as nine cricketers of that time span.

Enough allegations were made against the players. Nine players, not just one.

“We investigated both. Only thing is that the investigation related to the four officials has been made public,” he said.

“I would have confronted the player with the information I got from the bookie. But (that) evidence didn’t come from the bookie though I knew the evidence existed, I could not pursue it.

I knew of this specific instance where the bookie had confided in somebody else, I got that information, the bookie accepted that information before me also,

“he was willing to give the evidence but in the last minute he decided not to,” BB Mishra concluded.

Asked about the evidence, Mishra said, “It was a phone conversation (between the player and the bookie) that was recorded during the occurence… It would have taken a lot more time (beyond) October 31. There are two voices on the telephone. Allegedly one is that of the player and the other one is of the bookie. If I have to investigate, I have to take voice samples of the player and the voice samples of the bookie. Send it for forensic opinion. That takes a month. And then, why do I have to do it when it was not part of my charter? It could have been done if we had more time…We didn’t get an occasion for the player and the bookie to be confronted. I managed to speak to the bookie. He did say he was in touch with the player,” he said.

“I spoke to the lady and got the information that she was boasting about before another bookie to make some money by saying ‘I can talk to the player and get some information’. This lady provided one telephone number saying it was of the player, but the number turned out to be of someone else,” Misra said.

Meanwhile, Mishra said that the bookie admitting his (the bookie) involvement before him, was willing to give him evidence but backed out.

Misra added, “I had been given certain particular specific allegations, so prudence demanded that I remained within the laxmanrekha marked by the Supreme Court. I didn’t transgress those boundaries. Yes, it could have been possible but it would have required us to tell the Supreme Court to give us time, enlarge the scope to this also.”

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