Infection is now under control – Shakib

Shakib Al Hasan, who came back home from Australia on Sunday informed that the infection is now under control, but he has to check up every week through blood tests.

Shakib Al Hasan

After getting immediately admitted to a hospital in Dhaka, Shakib traveled to Australia for an operation, but the doctors have informed that, the operation can’t be done before 6-12 months.

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After reaching Dhaka, Shakib told reporters at the airport:

“The update is good. The infection is under control. But it has to be checked every week through blood tests, whether it gets aggravated or if there is any other problem. But for now, infection is under control.”

Shakib also informed the reason behind why can’t the operation be done before six to twelve months:

“[Another] surgery can’t be possible for six to 12 months. There is a risk.. the infection may be in the bone and if the surgery is done there are chances of it spreading. So, for sure, I can’t do the surgery in six to 12 months,” he added. “But the good part is I can play without surgery. As I can’t undergo a surgery right now, both physio and myself are thinking how I can manage to play without surgery.”

However, the all-rounder has already started his rehab,

“I already have started rehab when I was there [Australia]. I consulted with a hand therapist. I have to follow what he has instructed. It will be better for me if I follow his guidelines as much as possible. My main target will be getting back the strength as early as possible.”

Meanwhile, Bangladesh will play their next series against Zimbabwe at home which starts next week with the 3 match ODI series.

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