Interview of Shakib Al Hasan 28 May, 2013

There is a great deal of enthusiasm about both his career and personal life as well. He is kind of a hero to his fans ,but an insolent to many critics. What Shakib Al Hasan thinks about him. He had given an exclusive interview to a leading newspaper of Bangladesh. Here is a precised version of that:
Question : You are going to your father-in-law’s house for the first time. This is a kind of a new experience. right?
Shakib Al Hasan: I didn’t be paid much thought about this. I am just too busy to think about this. Just needed some entertainment, there is some free time ,that’s why going actually. Smile….going to USA for the first time,  you can say this is a kind of new experience.

Question: you seem lot more placid this days. Is this the influence of your wife?
Shakib: No, actually I think this is an influence of age. When I was 22-23 years of age , I had even done captaincy that time my mindset was different. But now, I tend to watch the world differently. Can understand the world clearly. Moreover, things change with men’s ages , this is also a reason.

Ques : Ummay Ahmed Shishir was brought up in America. How much of Bengali culture do you think she has in her. Which language you use while talking, Bengali or English ?
Shakib : She has ‘it’ much more than I’ve thought. We don’t really speak in English at home. But when she finds someone with whom she must talk English then she just speaks in it. She is entirely a ‘Bangali’.

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Shakib with his wife Shishir

Ques : Your father-in-law’s house is in America, you must miss the ‘jamai ador’ out there?
Shakib : Not really.. I don’t have much demand. Everyone in Bangladesh loves me. I don’t really need ‘special treatment’.(Smile…..)

Ques: Why each time any problem is found in the team you and Tamim are said to be involved?
Shakib: if I answer this , many people will say that I am arrogant. But see, if there is talking about two stars in the team , people actually love to hear this, if it’s about a new guy , people don’t really pay heed to this. For this reason , news may come out. This might also be the policy of the newspapers.

Ques : You don’t realize much other than money. What you have to say about this?
Shakib : No one basically realizes much other than money, I think. As I am playing and have money, that’s why people are talking about this. If I didn’t have much money their thinking would have been different. I missed a chance of getting about 3 crore Taka in Whereas I get 1-1.50 crore from BPL in a whole, why did it happen If I would have run after money .If I would have given much thought about money things would have gotten worse. 3 crore Taka has gone in a second, just think about it. I don’t think I have talked much about this in front of the media. Whoever thinks and says those things ,they’ve faults in their thinking or might have problems in their knowledge.

Ques : You’ve got lots of fame and luxuriance, do you think higher education brings kind of a completeness in life ?
Shakib: Off course I had the wish. If I try to do this now I have to do lots of hard work. Don’t know whether I can do this or not. But I still have desire to complete the higher education. But i still have suspicion about completing this.

Ques : Do you have any plan to come in politics in future ?
Shakib : I often say prank fully that I will do politics. See that, many people tend to support me as well. But I don’t have much interest in this. I am happy about the profession I am in now. 

Interview taken by Sikandar Ali, Reporter of Banglanews24. Translated by Mizan Rahman