Invitation to Ambati Rayudu is open, but conditions apply

By Bipin Dani

Ambati Rayudu, who has retired after being ignored by the Indian selectors has received another offer to come and reside in Iceland and play. 

nvitation to Ambati Rayudu is open, but conditions apply

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“Rayudu can put away his 3D glasses now. He will only need normal glasses to read the document we have prepared for him. Come join us. We love the Rayudu things”, a hilarious message has been tweeted by the Iceland Cricket.

Without commenting on the selection policy of the Indian selectors, Darren Talbot, the Head Coach of the Iceland Cricket exclusively says,

“we would of course be delighted to have any good quality player, especially one with international experience, but given everyone who plays for Iceland should be long-term resident in the country and currently has to pay their own way to play and tour with us”.

I suspect Mr Rayudu would have been able to further his career more successfully at home”.

“However, if he ever wanted to come out and get involved in one of our domestic games we would be thrilled to have him and I am sure the invitation will remain open”.

“Clearly there will be great disappointment in India on not reaching the World Cup Final this year”, the head coach further added.

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