IPL 2020: Strict COVID-19 rules including tests every 5 days

Coronavirus infection is ongoing. Meanwhile, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is going to host the 13th edition of the IPL in the United Arab Emirates. It will start on September 19 and end on November 10. A total of 53 days of the tournament.

IPL 2020: Strict COVID-19 rules including players to be tested every 5th day

For such a long time, a huge gathering of 1200 people including IPL, players and officials of eight teams, IPL Governing Council, BCCI, match officials, officials of various levels including broadcasting will be held.

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So, there is a possibility of coronavirus infections. Therefore, the decision to hold the tournament in the biological safety zone was taken at the meeting of the Governing Council on Sunday.

It was decided at that meeting that everyone participating in the tournament would be tested every 5th day to prevent coronavirus infection. Besides, strict punishment has been announced for violating the health rules. If the hygiene rules are violated, the person concerned will be kept isolated for seven days. No matter who he is. He has to stay in quarantine for those seven days even if there is an important match ahead.

Not only that, the draft prepared by the BCCI shows that before going down to practice on UAE soil, each player will be tested 5 times and the result will have to be negative in each. Only then they have the opportunity to take part in the practice session.

“Following their arrival in the UAE, the players and support staff will have to return at least three negative tests during a week’s quarantine and if they are negative, they can enter the bio-bubble and start training,”

a BCCI official told PTI.

In addition, if a person has a positive result, he must go to the 14-day quarantine immediately. After quarantine, he must test the COVID-19RT and PCR twice more (one day apart). He will be allowed to board a flight to the United Arab Emirates after receiving two negative reports.

Not just testing before going to the UAE, everyone including cricketers will have to stay in quarantine for a week after going to the UAE. The test will be done three more times in that one week. The cricketers will get a chance to practice on the field after every negative report.

“There could be minor changes to this protocol depending on the feedback from the teams but there will not be any compromise on players and team officials’ safety,” the official said.

In the first week after arriving in the UAE, none of the players, coaches or officials will be able to meet anyone. Only after a negative report in the coronavirus test three times, one can meet another.

So much for the steps taken against Indian cricketers and officials. But what about foreign cricketers or officials who will arrive directly in the UAE? The BCCI official said, “All overseas players and support staff also need to undergo two COVID-19 RT-PCR tests before flying in to the UAE and can only fly if the tests are negative. If not, then the same 14-day quarantine period and two negative tests to be able to fly to the UAE.”

According to the BCCI, the test will be conducted on the first day after arrival in the UAE. Then on the third day, the last on the 6th day the test will be conducted. If the result shows negative in the three tests, then the players will be allowed to practice. In addition, every player, official and everyone will be tested every 5th days during the tournament (53 days).

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