IPL commentators to cover match staying at home

Technology has advanced quite a bit. Its influence has been felt in the stadium too. Many radio and TV commentaries do not go to the field but sit in a certain place. The world has learned to think a new in the changing times after Corona. This time in The New Normal, the commentators will narrate the story while sitting at home in a mega event like IPL.

IPL commentators to cover match staying at home

After a long time, cricket is back again, but a lot has changed. Changes were inevitable in almost everything connected with cricket as well as on the field. It’s called The New Normal. The Indian Premier League is going to bring a big change in New Normal this time.

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IPL broadcaster Star India is on the verge of such an announcement surrounding the current edition of the tournament. That being said, no commentator will be present on the field in the 13th edition of the IPL to be held in the United Arab Emirates. To avoid risk, they will watch the match from their respective homes.

Every time the IPL starts, Star India comes up with something interesting for the viewers who watch the game on the TV screen. This time the decision to change for the sake of security. IPL will be on the field. But commentators do not have to come to the field for that. They don’t have to sit side by side in the commentary room. Concerned commentators will be able to comment at home.

This time it is not new to comment on IPL without going to the field. However, the commentators from the studio of the broadcasting channel in Mumbai have regularly given commentaries in 10 different languages. But this time they will handle the responsibility sitting at home excluding certain places. According to Star India, the next day’s ‘Commentary from Home’ is going to be New Normal.

Incidentally, two Indian commentators Sanjay Manjrekar and Irfan Pathan commented on a live match recently. Pathan and Manjrekars have handled their responsibilities very well while sitting at home. “It’s a magical experience,” Pathan said.

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