IPL hits all-time record with brand value of $5.7 billion

Indian Premier League (IPL) is considered to be the most popular and consolidated franchise cricket league in the world. Where the game is much exciting, there is a glimmer of glamor outside the field. And with all this, there are money laundering.

IPL hits all-time record with brand value of $5.7 billionIPL has crossed 12 seasons already. The next season will be launched in late March with new surprises. This has already given rise to increased interest in cricket fans and supporters.

Meanwhile, about two months before the tournament begins, the brand value of IPL has been revealed by India’s leading brand value judging firm ‘Brand Finance’. According to their survey, the current brand value of IPL is about $5.7 billion more than any previous one. In Bangladeshi currency, which is equivalent to about 50,000 cr. (484,76,76,72,000 Tk).

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According to the survey, during the IPL tournament of 2019, over 300 million internet users watched live games through online streaming of around 330 billion minutes in 44 days. However, this year it is expected to grow even more.

“Over 300 million Internet users have watched the game online in 2019,” the brand’s director of finance told Gulf News.

“Their total streaming time over the 44 days of the entire tournament was calculated to be more than 330 billion minutes. IPL is also playing a vital role in the Indian economy by meeting the expectations of players, franchises, sponsors.”

One of the most successful teams in the tournament, Chennai Super Kings’ brand value has been estimated at $75 million. Chennai’s brand value has increased by 90 percent in the last ten years. In 2009, MS Dhoni’s team had a brand value of $39 million.

Chennai Super Kings are followed by are followed by Chenna Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians according to brand value. The brand value of Kolkata is $66.5 million. The brand value of Mumbai, which is very close to Kolkata, is $65.7 million. Mumbai’s brand value increased by 24 percent over last year.

Besides, Delhi Capital has a brand value of $54 million, increases 25 percent from last year. Despite the second position in terms of brand value, the demand of Kolkata has decreased by 7 percent in the last two sessions.

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