Irfan explains reasons behind ending Gambhir’s career

Remember Pakistan’s fast bowler Mohammad Irfan? In the Indo-Pak series in 2012, Gautam Gambhir was bamboozled by the bowling of Irfan. Irfan had just made his international cricket debut then.

Irfan explains reasons behind ending Gambhir's career

The 7-foot-tall bowler helped Pakistan to a 1-1 lead in the T20I against India and a 2-1 lead in the ODIs.

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It was Mohammad Irfan who shocked Indian cricket fans with his controversial remarks last year. In an interview to the media that time, Irfan said that he was the one who ended Gambhir’s career. Mohammad Irfan, who recently appeared on Pakistan broadcaster Sawera Pasha on her YouTube show Cric Cast, explained the reasons behind such controversial remarks about Gambhir.

“Actually whenever we have India-Pakistan matches, whoever does not perform well he becomes a zero and whoever performs becomes a hero,” the Pakistan bowler explained.

“The way I was bowling to Gautam Gambhir, he was not able to see the ball, the way he was playing my bouncer, everyone was saying that he is not looking like Gautam Gambhir.”

“Because there was so much pressure of my height and my bowling, so I felt like that because after that he didn’t come back in the team, he was dropped from the team,” he further stated.

Yes, the statistics say so. Gambhir was seen playing only one ODI series against England after a serious batting loss against Pakistan. In terms of T20, Gambhir played his last match for the Indian team in Ahmedabad against Pakistan.

Mohammad Irfan further said that Virat Kohli was also amazed by the speed of his ball. Irfan also spoke to Kohli that day. He said, “Speaking with the coaches while sitting in the dressing room, Virat Kohli was said that Irfan operates in the 130-135 kph range.”

“So when he was sitting with his pads on, he saw that I delivered the first ball at 145-146 kph. So he thought there might be some issue with the speed gun. And then I bowled at 147 kph, so he told me that he asked his coach if he is lying or there was some issue with the speed gun.”

Virat Kohli told this to me face to face. And when I bowled the next one at 148 kph, he told me that he abused the person next to him asking what sort of medium fast bowler I was, as I was bowling at 150 kph,” Irfan added.

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