Is Ian Smith a curse for New Zealand in Super Over?

New Zealand have lost to India in the Super Over at Hamilton. In less than a year, Kiwis have faced the defeat in the Super Over three times. One of the biggest tragedies has been the World Cup final in England last year.

Is Ian Smith a curse for New Zealand in Super Over?

However, New Zealand cricketers can blame another person more than their cricketers for the Super Over tragedy. He is Ian Smith, Kiwi commentator!

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Kiwis really have to taste defeat when he comes to speak during the Super Over with microphone. Not just once or twice, New Zealand have lost three times in the Super Over in the last seven months. Former Kiwi cricketer Ian Smith has made a commentary every time.

The former Kiwi wicketkeeper sits at the tensed moment of the Super Over, saying, “I have to lose a few years of my life for them too.” But as these statistics come to the fore, many Kiwi supporters ask,

“Is Smith a curse for New Zealand in the Super Over?”

Surely, Ian Smith might not feel interest to commentary in New Zealand match or when such a super over situation will create. Come or what, if he takes the microphone, New Zealand will lose!

India’s Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma were also touched by the tension of Super Over on Wednesday. Virat Kohli said at the end of the match, “I have given up hope.”

Former Kiwi wicketkeeper batsman Ian Smith had begun to feel the tension of the field as he spoke for the match in the Super Over. Kiwi’s forehead burnt in the super over when he sat down. Raising the context, Smith said, “If this Super Over is a tie, then I will retire. I had to lose a few years of my life for them too.”

Smith mentioned every Super Over lose in the last seven months. Smith did not forget to mention that he enjoyed such a tense moment. His apprehension, however, did not come true. It wasn’t a super over tie in Hamilton. Rohit Sharma finished the match with two sixes consecutively. As a result, Smith did not have to retire to keep his word.

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