It will make bowlers robots: Wasim on ICC’s saliva ban

The International Cricket Council (ICC), the highest governing body of the game, has changed five rules for post-coronavirus cricket era. The most talked about issue is that players will not be able to use saliva until the coronavirus situation is completely normal.

It will make bowlers robots: Wasim on ICC's saliva ban

If someone uses saliva as a matter of habit, the umpires will mediate. However, if the same thing happens again and again, the whole team will be given a formal warning. A team will receive a maximum of two alerts per innings. From then on, if saliva is used, the batting team will be given 5 penalty runs.

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The ICC officially announced the rules on Tuesday. One day later, yesterday (Wednesday) in response to the rule, Pakistan’s legendary fast bowler Wasim Akram thought, bowlers will now become robots in the wake of the coronavirus alert.

In an interview with AFP, Wasim said,

“It will make bowlers robots, coming and bowling without swing. It’s a quizzical situation for me as I grew up using saliva to shine the ball and to swing it.”

But Wasim is not against caronavirus caution. So the Pakistani legend advised the bowlers to wait. “I am all for precautions in these tough times, so bowlers have to wait for the ball to get old and rough for them to get swing,” he said.

Although the use of saliva is banned, the ICC has not issued any guidelines on sweating. In other words, if you want, you can use sweat as before to keep the brightness of the ball. But Wasim doesn’t think it’s a solution. “Sweat is just something of an add-on, a top-up. Too much use of sweat will leave the cricket ball too wet,” Wasim said.

So what could be the alternative to saliva? Wasim also suggested that. According to him, Vaseline or something like that should be allowed to brighten the ball for the middle time.

Wasim said, “I believe that they will need to find a reasonable solution. Artificial substances like vaseline could be used to swing the ball but how much of it? Let’s see, we have this England versus the West Indies series to judge how it goes, because I have never experienced this thing.”

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