Kenya throngs into deepest cricket crisis

A winless mission in the World Cricket League Division Two tournament pulled Kenya’s cricket into the greatest ever crisis. Returning home, captain Rakep Patel set to resign. Soon he was followed by coach Thomas Odoyo and Board President Jackie Janmohammed.

Kenya throngs into deepest cricket crisis

A massive 218 run defeat, in the tournament, against UAE demoted Kenya to Division Three.

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Former vibrant performer of the national team Thomas Odoyo who coached the country said, “The one week we spent in Namibia was a week of mental anguish. It was stressful and I would not wish anyone to go through what I went through. We broke record of poor performance. For Kenya to improve we must set up a high performance centre.”

Quoted by BBC Focus, Jackie Janmohammad, the first woman to head a cricket board said, “One of the consideration that I took to account was the performance of the national team and somebody had to take responsibility for it.”

It is, therefore, reported that a fresh election is going to be conducted to find out the replacement of the Board President.

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