Kesrick Williams seeks help from Bangladesh after St Vincent volcanic eruption

Chattogram Challengers cricketer Kesrick Williams is working to provide help for the people of Saint Vincent, which has been rocked by a volcanic eruption after decades of inactivity.

Kesrick Williams seeks help from Bangladesh after St Vincent volcanic eruption

The La Soufrière volcano first erupted on Friday (April 9) in the tiny Caribbean island. Since then, the volcano erupted several times, blanketing the island with a thin layer of ash, while also ruining crops and cantaminating water supplies. Besides a “strong sulphur” smell is also hanging in the air. Scientists have warned that eruptions could continue for days – or even weeks.

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Williams is from this island, and as thousands of people of the island have become homeless and without clean water, the fast bowler has sought help from the people of Bangladesh. Williams was also in the hospital for a couple of days because of the ashes.

The Chattogram Challengers have recently posted a video message from Williams. The video caption reads, “Saint Vincent without clean water 😞 It is really heartbreaking to see what is happening in Saint Vincent in the Caribbean. A volcanic eruption has left the ‘entire population’ of Saint Vincent without clean water and thousands of people homeless. Our prayers remain for them and we urge nearby countries to help them with necessary aids. Our very own Kesrick Williams is from Saint Vincent and he is there and doing his best to provide help for the people.”

In the video, Williams is seen asking help from the people of Bangladesh. He also urged the people willing to help to contact with Chattogram Challengers Chief Operating Officer (COO) Syed Yasir Alam.

“Hey everyone, this is your boy Kesrick Williams. I guess the world probably knows it by now that a volcano in my island has erupted, and caused a lot of chaos. Right now the country is in need of water. I am trying my best, but I can do only that much,” said Williams in the video.

“I am asking the people there in Bangladesh, if you are willing to help or assist, please contact Syed and he is trying his best to help me as well,” he added.

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