KKR appoint an Olympic sprinter, here is the reason

Indian premier League (IPL) franchise Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) has appointed former Olympic sprinter from New Zealand. Chris Donaldson took over KKR as strength and conditioning coach. With a view to emphasizing on the fact how greater acceleration can be a potential game changer and a speed change among the players.

KKR appoints an Olympic sprinter, here is the reason

“From fielding, diving to chasing the ball to the boundary, doing that run out, all these things contribute a major part to the game. You can make quite a difference in the first two metres of how you accelerate. It is something we work hard on,” the 45-year-old told Hindustan Times.

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Donaldson believes that his guidelines will go the players in running between the wickets, their fielding, or even fast bowling.

“It’s not trying to change everything because people here are very good at what they do. (But) Track and field deals with all sorts of movement patterns, the fundamentals of the way people move and jump. I will hopefully be able to use some of the skills I have learnt and developed and help people deal with their running issues. (For bowlers) I might be able to help from the movement point of view, make the run-up more efficient or look at the bio-mechanics of the way they are landing,” he says.

Meanwhile, the players are also impressed with what he does with them.

“He has a great set of exercises,” says young fast bowler Shivam Mavi.

“One look and he can tell you that this area is strong and that needs to be worked on,” says Kamlesh Nagarkoti.

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