Kohli-Anushka receive legal notice

Indian superstar Virat Kohli and his actress wife Anushka Sharma have been served legal notice by the man to whom Anushka was seen delivering some lessons for littering street.


Kohli-Anushka receive legal notice

The man named Arhan Singh sent the couple a legal notice in consequence of the incident whose video footage went viral in the social media.

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“Hi. My legal advisors have sent a notice to Mr Virat Kohli and Mrs Anushka Sharma Kohli. As the ball is in their court, no comments now. As in all fairness I should await their response,” Arhan was quoted as saying by ANI.

Arhan Khan, in his facebook page hit the celebrity couple hard and said, “The garbage that mistakenly went out of the window of my ‘luxury car’ was way less than the garbage that came out from your mouth, from your ‘luxury car’s window, or the trashy mind of Virat Kohli to shoot and post this online… for whatever gains. Now that’s some serious trash.”

Last week on July 17, Indian skipper Virat had posted a video on Twitter showing his wife and actress Anushka slamming a man for throwing garbage on the street from his car.

Anushka, who was sitting inside her car, next to Virat, was seen verbally pointing at a commuter after she spotted him littering on a street.

“Why are you throwing garbage on the road?” Anushka was heard shouting at the man from her car. The man, visibly taken aback by the sudden encounter with the actress, did not even mince a word. “Please be careful, you can’t just throw plastic around on the streets,” she said.

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