Kohli has set fitness bar for players globally: Waqar Younis

Indian captain Virat Kohli is by far the fittest cricketer in the world without any doubt. He cares about himself and his regular routine so much so that he even gave up eating meat and became a vegan. Besides following his strict diet, he is consistent with his workout sessions.

Kohli has set fitness bar for players globally: Waqar Younis
Virat Kohli

Even during the lockdown, he followed his fitness regime and also posted some workout videos on social media. His diet and fitness totally reflected on his performance and he became the best player in the world across formats.

Meanwhile, former Pakistan fast bowler Waqar Younis on Monday showered his praise on Indian skipper Virat Kohli, adding that he has set the fitness bar for the players worldwide.

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While speaking exclusively to GloFans in a chat show ‘Q20’ on Twitter, Waqar Younis while responding to a fan’s question on ‘Q20’. said: “Virat Kohli has evolved the game and all the formats of the modern-day cricket including T20 cricket, one day suits him a lot and he is brilliant at test matches. But the biggest difference he brought to cricket that is followed and watched worldwide is his fitness.

He has set a bar of fitness worldwide for players. I think it is hard to beat. I think for that reason also, you like everything about Virat Kohli. He is fit, he is always in your face, he wants to prove you that he is the best, he is a fighter, so that is why, we all like him,” he added.

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