‘Kohli is like Ronaldo’

Indian batsman Karun Nair finds constant inspiration from the heights to which Cristiano Ronaldo has elevated himself with his hard work, dedication and unyielding mentality. Of course, he also sees someone like Ronaldo in cricket, his own captain Virat Kohli.

'Kohli is like Ronaldo'

In the third Test of his career, Nair took the discussion by storm with a remarkable triple century. In 2016, he played an unbeaten 303-run innings against England in Chennai from 381 balls. However, he had to leave the XI in the next Test. He got a chance in the team due to the injury of Ajinkya Rahane. After Rahane recovered from injury, Nair lost his place even after a triple century.

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Then in 2017 he got another chance in the series against Australia. But he was left out because he could not do well. And after that there was no opportunity till now. So his career has come to a halt in only 6 Tests.

Nair is not giving up. In an interview with a YouTube channel, the 28-year-old batsman said that he found inspiration by watching Ronaldo.

“The non-cricket sportsperson that inspires me a lot is Cristiano Ronaldo. I have followed him since he joined Manchester United. You know it’s astonishing to see how someone can grow from being just a normal player to being the best in the world,” Nair said during the chat show Homerun with AV with sports commentator Arun Venugopal on his YouTube channel Gethist Creative.

“The hard work that he has put in to get to where he has, and the determination and the focus that he has… if you need to be the best in the world you need to have something different, different mentality. It is something that really inspires me everyday.”

Does anyone in cricket like Ronaldo? Nair answered this question.

“There is Virat Kohli who makes you feel that…you know, you want to be following what he is doing and he does so many things right. He is also the best in the world. If he has become the best in the world that means he has done most things right and he is just a wonderful player.”

“He is such an inspiration for cricketers and all youngsters. To see what he has been able to do in the last 10 years is something astonishing and something that everyone wants to follow and get inspired by. Same with me. [I have] been lucky enough to be a part of the same dressing room as him and watch him very closely.”

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