Kohli only cricketer in Forbes’ Top 100 Highest Paid Athletes

Indian national cricket team captain Virat Kohli is the only cricketer in Forbes’ Top 100 Highest Paid Athletes. Kohli has been on the Forbes list for the last two years. However, this time the world cricketer has risen to the top of the list.

Kohli only cricketer in Forbes' Top 100 Highest Paid Athletes

Virat Kohli has an annual income of 26 million US dollars. Of this, he earned 24 million euros from dealings with different companies and advertisements for various products. He earns the remaining two million euros a year from the BCCI’s salary, allowances and playing in the league.

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Kohli is now ranked 66th on Forbes’ list of Top 100 Highest Paid Athletes. Last year, Kohli was in the 100th position. However, in 2018, in terms of the highest income, his position was 83.

For the first time, a tennis star has become the highest-earning athlete of Forbes. Swiss tennis star Roger Federer is at the top of the income. Messi and Ronaldo have donated most of their salaries in coronavirus crisis. Federer has become the highest earning player in this opportunity.

This year, his income has been estimated at 106.3 million US dollars. Ronaldo’s income is 105 million US dollars. Messi is after him with an income of 104 million dollars. Brazil’s PSG star Neymar has an annual income of 95.5 million. US basketball star LeBron James is behind them with an income of 88.2 million Euros.

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