Kohli should be banned: Vaughan

The entire cricket world is talking about this ugly incident of Kohli.

Kohli should be banned: Vaughan

Maksud Haque
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A decision by the umpire during the ongoing Cape Town Test has sparked widespread controversy. The Indian cricketers lost their temper on the field being unable to accept the umpire's decision.
Kohli should be banned: Vaughan
The incident started in the 21st over of South Africa's second innings. India were then anxious to get South African captain Dean Elgar out. He was lbw in that over by Ravichandran Ashwin, as usual the on-field umpire gave Elgar out. But he took the review as the South African was not satisfied with the umpire's decision.
Later in the ball tracking system it was seen that the ball hit Elgar's leg but later it passed over the stumps. The Indian fielders as well as the on-field umpires were quite surprised to see this happening on the big screen. Eventually, the on-field umpire was forced to change his mind and he gave it not out. And therefore, Kohli turned furious
Unable to contain his anger, India captain Kohli approached Stump Mike and said, "Do you think, Dean, I will keep quiet. Even after being Man of the Match in the last match, you were running away from Jaspreet Bumrah, I can't believe it. I don't know who wanted to ruin the test in 2018."
The Indian skipper added, "Focus on your team as well when they shine the ball eh, not just the opposition. Trying to catch people all the time."
The entire cricket world is talking about this ugly incident of Kohli. According to former England captain Michael Vaughan, the ICC should keep an eye on such incidents so that they do not happen again in international cricket.
Vaughan said, "You can't act like that whether you're frustrated or not. We all have our moments on the field where we think something is going against you." 
"Therefore, it is important for the ICC to take action in this regard so that such incidents do not happen again in the future."
As captain of an international team, the former English captain thinks Kohli should have behaved a little more maturely. "He should be fined or banned because you can't behave this way as captain of an international team," Vaughan said.
He concluded, "Decisions go with you, they go against you, that didn't go the way they think it should have gone. Virat Kohli is a legend of the game, but that's not the way to act, that is not the way to act in a game of Test match cricket. The ICC have to stamp this down, they have to stamp down on the Indian side, you can't get away with talking down the stump microphone like Ravi Ashwin has done and the Indian captain has done."