Kumble hints at change in pitch

Many thought that synthetic substances could be used because of the ban on spit and saliva for polishing the ball. But International Cricket Council (ICC) cricket committee chief Anil Kumble said they would not allow the use of synthetic substances. Instead, the pitch will be adjusted to balance the bat and ball.

Kumble hints at change in pitch

Mohammad Shami said that even if the ball is not polished with spit, he will not have any problem in doing reverse swing. Many are in favor of using waxy substances.

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“The advantage that cricket has over a lot of other sports is adjustable variance in the pitch. You can manage a pitch in such a way that you can manage better balance between bat and ball. We’ve been thinking for the last few years about what can be used. But again I am not willing to introduce something new by relaxing the rules. Our goal is to introduce cricket. Many challenges will come. We need analysis from match to match,”

Kumble said during a webinar, organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) on Wednesday.

According to Kumble, coronavirus will change a lot in the next era and cricketers will have to adapt to it. In his words,  “From now on new things will be seen and we have to adapt to it. The safety of the players is the biggest concern. That is why if you polish the ball with saliva, there is a risk of spreading the infection. It will be difficult to convince the players. But we had no choice but to do so.”

Cricket is off for a long time. Kumble urged cricketers, especially bowlers, to return to practice gradually. “It will take time for the bowlers to come to match fitness,” he said. “Before playing the test, the body’s ability to take pressure must be increased. It is not easy to bowl 30 overs. Batsmen will also have problems. So the practice match should be played before the Test.”

Kumble suggested, “A little more grass can be put on the pitch. The pacers will get help in that case.” Kumble also thinks that the importance of spinners in Tests will increase from now on. Kumble’s advice is, “Let’s get the spinner back in the game; in a Test. We would love to have two spinners in Australia or England, which does not happen often. You (only) see that in the subcontinent.”

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