Kumble opens up about Monkeygate scandal

The monkeygate controversary between Harbhajan and Symonds is one of the most controversial incident in cricket. The incident was snowballed into a hearing and one of them was even handed a ban. Former India skipper Anil Kumble at the time was the skipper of Indian team. The skipper recalled the entire episode and stated that the off-spinner was wronged.

“As a captain you’re generally tuned to take decisions on the field. Here I was faced with something, which was off the field, to take a decision in the larger interest of the game,” Kumble told Ravichandran Ashwin during latter’s YouTube show ‘DRSWithAsh’.

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“And one of our players (Harbhajan Singh) was obviously banned for three matches because of a racist remark – that was what the pronouncement was and we appealed. I felt he was wronged.

“We had to obviously be together as a team but the challenge was that there was a lot of talk about the team wanting to come back at that point in time, and leave the tour and come back.

“Yes, you know, probably (people) would have accepted that the Indian team was wronged and that’s why they came back,” he added.

In fact, voice were raising from everywhere that Team India should abandon the tour mid-way and return to India. It was Kumble, however, stated that senior players did well to keep the team together during those tough times.

“I think as a captain, or as a team, we had gone there to win the series. Unfortunately, with the first two results not going our way, the best result could have been a drawn series because two more Test matches remained and I just wanted to rally around the team. I was fortunate enough to have senior players, former captains, in the team,” he added.

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