Kumble wants more Indians to play foreign T20 leagues

Former India Test captain Anil Kumble is very much aware of the fact that India’s governing body Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has permitted star all-rounder Yuvraj Singh to take part in the Global T20 tournament. Kumble said that this should also pave way for other Indian players to spice it up in the new T20 leagues.

Kumble wants more Indians to play foreign T20 leagues
Anil Kumble wants more Indians to play overseas T20 leagues.

According to Anil Kumble, if BCCI considers his proposal, then it would be a perfect platform for youngsters to grow their confidence and will also add to leagues popularity worldwide.

Speaking to news agency IANS on the sidelines of the Euro T20 Slam draft, Anil Kumble who is a board member of the advisory committee said that Yuvraj Singh seeking permission was a massive boost and hopefully more players would get No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the board to turn up in various T20 leagues besides Indian Premier League.

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“Yes, I feel that is something the BCCI will look at, but currently there are certain restrictions. But having said that, you know people like Yuvi have got the permission to go and play (in Global T20). So, I don’t see any issue if some of these players want to go and play, but the BCCI will have to give them NOC. At this point in time, it is good to have someone like Yuvi play in the leagues and in the future, you will perhaps see more players from India participating in the leagues,” he said.

When asked about how having the experienced Indian players would help the leagues, Anil Kumble had some interesting words to say to satisfy his explanation.

“One is to get the experience of the player in the league and the second is the following that the Indian player has back home and that is massive. Any player from India gets massive support, the Indian team gets massive support across the world. So, the following of the league and their heroes is massive. And in that sense, it is a big moment if any Indian player plays in these leagues. Yuvi playing in different leagues apart from the IPL will be followed as well.”

Kumble also added that the reason why he prefers to be in association with the Euro T20 Slam is the fact that Ireland became a Full Member and also has Test status and this league would help improve the game of cricket in Europe.

“For me, the development of cricket in this region is what attracted me. I know there are a lot of T20 leagues that have cropped up, but I feel the development of Europe and Ireland being a Full Member now and having Test status is something that attracted me,” Kumble said.

Kumble also reckons that T20 is the only format that helps bring in new faces to the game. “I think that is something people want to see, we have seen over different competitions. Also, the closeness of competing against the tougher teams so to speak is a lot narrower and the difference between teams is very narrow. So, you will also see the odd result that doesn’t go as per expectation. That is why I feel this format is something that helps in growing the game.

“It is a great platform for the exchange of ideas and talent. For any youngster across the globe to get to interact with the icons is a blessing and to rub shoulders with them. Also for teams like Ireland, Scotland and Netherlands, it is as good as gold. The youngsters will benefit from playing against and with the icons. To know how the experienced campaigners adapt to certain situations, you cannot learn that from coaches,” he cited.

(With inputs from IANS)

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