Liton Das’ wife seriously injured in gas cylinder explosion

Liton Das' wife seriously injured in gas cylinder explosion

Sanchita, wife of Bangladesh cricket star Liton Das, has been seriously injured in gas cylinder explosion. He has been recently subjected to a gas cylinder explosion while making tea in her own house.

However, Sanchita had been spared the great dangers for a while. However, her right hand was burnt. Besides, the fire also burnt her hair.

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Sanchita said, “I cannot describe what I feel. It won’t be easy to forget. I was very close to death. Pray for me.”

Describing the incident, she said,

“Last day, I entered the kitchen to make tea. After I turned on the gas, the flame goes out. Then the pressure on the burner again exploded. Since, the house is new, we use cylinders (LEP gas), even though it is below the house. The fire was going out as if all the cabinets underneath the cylinder were bursting together.”

Immediately after making a sensible decision, Sanchita escaped a great accident. She said, “I was trying to save my face with my right hand. That’s why my right hand is burnt much. As I turned around, the hair on my back caught fire. I somehow managed to secure myself.”

She urged all to be cautious when using gas for cooking. She said, “Earlier in the day, I understood the gas was running out but I was not paying any attention to the fact as it was still working. Maybe the last gas had exploded like this. The whole face would be burnt if I was not rotated with the front hand. Now I have to cut my hair. It’s hard but I can handle it. I don’t know what would have happened if the fire came out in my face. Everyone should be careful when using it.”

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