Mahmudullah denies showing any disrespect to ‘national anthem’

A 45 run defeat against Afghanistan in the first match of the series raised many eyebrows towards Bangladesh cricketers back in the country. More acrimoniously, cricketers have been accused of not showing enough respect to national anthem when it played before the match. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ কী ঘটেছিল জাতীয় সঙ্গীতের সময়?]

Mahmudullah denies showing any disrespect to 'national anthem'

Photo: ESPN Cricinfo 

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Following the controversial outlook of several cricketers during the national anthem, senior cricketer Mahmudullah Riyad explained what literally occurred during that time.

In his social media account, Mahmudullah Riyad said, “Some of the spectators who watched the first T20 match in the television might gain some wrong perception. The disputation raised because of witnessing confusing expression in the face of some of the cricketers while the national anthem was played. But what happened practically was that, for some unknown reasons, the national anthem of Bangladesh could not be heard properly from the field although the national anthem of Afghanistan was clearly audible. We, Bangladeshi players were actually waiting for the national anthem to be played when it already started but we could not hear that from the field. Television audiences, at that very time, heard the anthem which did not reach up to our ear.”

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